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In fact, it’s not really even about your personality. The Game Styles assessment focuses instead on your survival instincts – essentially how you react in pressured situations.

You see, you are a biological wonder and you are naturally hard-wired for survival. And you are clearly very good at surviving.

But, just to make sure you are best prepared to survive an actual life-threatening situation, your biology keeps you in regular practice. It does this by using the normal stress, pressure, challenges, and conflicts you face every day to trigger you into your well-honed survival behavior patterns.

 To get a better understanding of what’s at play, let’s look to nature where you will find only the four following survival instincts.

And you are primarily wired for one of them. This is your Game Style.

Taking the Game Styles Assessment will help you understand which are your primary and supporting Styles, and what that means for how you show up every day.

You will also receive a personalized report that helps you better manage your responses, work more effectively with others, and thrive in the Game of Business. Even under pressure!